Happy New Year !

2012 has arrived and we’d like to update you on some of the things we’re doing in January. Happily, it’s a leap year so we get an extra day of bookbinding this year … fabulous! 

On January 10, a group of 4 members will meet to talk about workshop plans for 2012. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit a comment below. We are seeking instructors, classroom/workshop venues, and workshop ideas. We’ve collected feedback from our members in Fall 2011 and we’d like to add yours, too.

On January 31, the 4 elected chapter officers will meet to talk about chapter governance and our individual roles and responsibilities to our members, sister chapters and CBBAG head office.

For February, we are planning our first evening social where we can chat, show & tell, and share techniques/tips. We’ll post details right after our January 31st meeting.

Our purpose is to grow a community of book artists, so please let us know (by submitting a comment below), book artists, suppliers, and events that you recommend.

You’ll note that above, there are different pages to this blogsite. Please explore and let us know your thoughts on what’s good, what’s not, and what’s missing.

Talk to you soon!


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