2012 – What we’re working on

Hello everyone. We had our executive/officers’ meeting yesterday. And let me say we’ve got lots on our plate … very exciting and good stuff … but lots of it.

We are working really, really hard to plan three workshops this year. Our three main challenges are:

  • finding affordable venues for these workshops … not as easy as it sounds … believe me!
  • keeping the workshops as affordable as possible so we can pass the savings on to you, our members
  • making the most of our limited resources to make the three workshops a reality

As we are in the early planning stages, we thought it best to focus our efforts on the workshops for now. Unfortunately, this means postponing a social event in February to a later time.

But we do have one or two things to offer you … an invite to our executive/officer’s meeting! They are held on the last Tuesday of each month. (No meetings will be held in July, August or December).

Secondly, we will be participating in 2012 Word on the Street (WOTS) in September! More details will be posted as we come closer to the date.

Lastly, going back to our main challenges … we’d like your help in collecting venues for book arts workshop. PLEASE comment below with:

  • any venue recommendations
  • if you would like to help out

Thank you very much in advance!


2 thoughts on “2012 – What we’re working on”

  1. Congratulations on your new chapter.
    I would probably take a bookbinding workshop. I’m just starting out, so I would be happy to take an introductory course. I took a workshop on Coptic binding in London and loved it.
    Venue suggestions
    – Roundhouse – They are really interested in Creative culture and I think part of their mandate is promote culture in Vancouver.
    – Barclay Manor in the West End
    – West End Community Centre
    Do you know of any good local sources for bookbinding materials? I’ve tried all the usual suspects.


    1. Hi Jody. Thank you for the venue suggestions . We’ll check those out. What usual art suppliers have you looked into? We’ll keep you posted on workshops. There’s one coming up in Spring that’s ideal for beginners.


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