Workshop and a Social

We are nearly ready to announce a new workshop. We have an instructor and are currently finalizing the venue, date & time. I can give you some hints here though.

The workshop will be geared towards those new to or beginner level in bookbinding. Several basic sewn bookbinding structures will be taught over 4 hours.  Our instructor is local and she is really fabulous. Venue will be in Vancouver. Date is in April or May and it will be held on a Saturday or a Sunday. The cost depends on whether you are a CBBAG member or not. Of course, or members get a sweet workshop discount. When will details be announced and registration open? In March … so very very soon.

We are having a social! What does this mean? On Saturday, March 24, 10am-noon, we will meet at a coffee shop in Vancouver to share our personal history and interests in book arts. I hope you”ll bring your work or photos to show & tell us about it. Because we’re meeting at a coffee shop, we should be courteous and limit our numbers to a manageable size. I’m thinking about 8 people max. An email will go out today to our members and shortly thereafter to nonmembers on our mailing list. Please pencil in the CBBAG Social for March 24! See you there!


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