CBBAG Social Debut – Summing Up

This past Saturday morning, we had ourselves a CBBAG Social over coffee and tea! Six people came together for two hours to chat about their book arts /  bookbinding history and what they hope to learn, make, and share this year.

Who was there? Lorraine, Katharine, Gina, Penny, Rudolph and Suzan. We realized that we had diverse interests and varying skill levels, so there was lots to talk about and share. Some of us were most interested in binding structures of a book; whereas others were very interested in the decorative aspects of book arts. 

Our individual interests were limited to just one type of books arts either, so there was much that we had in common. As you may know, book arts encompasses so many different types of arts e.g. paper, decorative, letterpress, bookbinding, calligraphy, illustrations, altered books, mixed media … just to name a few off the top of my bumpy egg-shaped head.

In addition to sharing our individual history and fascination with book arts, we also talked about where CBBAG is heading for 2012. We talked about the workshop that our Chapter is holding on Sunday, April 22, 2012 and possible future workshops.

Discussions we had were lively and relaxed. Thank you for making our first social so enjoyable!

For those who missed out, we are planning another one in May 2012. See you then!


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