A review and what’s new

Well, hello everyone!

It’s not even April and we’ve gotten so much accomplished. Our blog site is coming along really nicely. We receive an average of 9 unique visits per day. That’s pretty phenomenal considering this site is only 7 months old. Based on these visits, we can surmise that our blogsite is being used as an information resource for business, friendships and education!

Our first bookbinding workshop is coming up on Sunday, April 22nd in Vancouver. We already have 8 out of 10 spots filled. (If you’ve haven’t sent in your registration cheque, please do so quick!) 

We just had our executive meeting last night and …. drum roll please … we are planning another workshop for fall 2012! We haven’t discussed any particulars of the workshop yet, so please stayed tuned for more information.

We also had our first social last week and are having our second one on Sat, May 26. It was a very relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning.  It isn’t often that we get a chance to talk (or collaborate) about book arts in any depth or breadth, so a social like is much appreciated and …. dare I even say it … eagerly anticipated?

One last thing to mention is that 2012 Word on the Street (WOTS) changed the date. It used to be on Sunday, Sep 23 but has been changed to Sunday, Sep 30. All other information such as the location (Library Square in downtown Vancouver) and the time (11am-4pm) remains unchanged. We will be there doing demonstrations and answering questions.

Please submit a comment below  with your email if you’d like us to add you to our mailing list!



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