Word on the Street 2012 – Summing Up

It was a sunny, crisp day. Perhaps it was the amazing weather that kept most of the WOTS visitors outside. We were located inside the Vancouver Public Library food court area.

The tunnel books with Gina generated A LOT of interest from families. Kids swarmed the table and got to work on their tunnel books with all due seriousness of burgeoning book artists.

Tunnel Books at WOTS 2012

Other types of visitors to our CBBAG tables were mainly book designers, book artists and a few curious onlookers. A handful of folks purposely sought us out for more information on workshops and memberships.

We learned some lessons that we will put to good use for next year …

  • we need signage to clearly show who we are
  • at least two CBBAG people should be at the tables … it makes it more social … gives us time to catch up with one another and be more available to visitors with questions
  • mini workshops (i.e. tunnel books) and demonstrations (i.e. coptic, stab binding) garner more visitors to our tables

It was busy and fun. I wish you were there!


2 thoughts on “Word on the Street 2012 – Summing Up”

  1. Sounds like fun! I Haven’t had a chance to meet any of you since I joined CBBAG but I would have liked to have stopped by. I however was taking a bookbinding class myself on Granville Island on the friday and saturday and couldnt make it back over the library in time and sunday was crazy busy for me with other stuff. I will try and make it out to some other events at some point in time hopefully.


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