Japanese Decorative Papers

I wanted to share with you a Vancouver store that carries a wonderful array of Japanese decorative papers.

Murata's Japanese decorative paper selection
Murata’s Japanese decorative paper selection

It’s called Murata located on East Broadway near Main Street.

The paper style ranges from modern minimalist to high style Japanese.  The price ranges from $1.25 to $22 per sheet.  At first glance, the store carries predominantly a wide variety of Japanese wares.

A close up their minimalist and high style Japanese selection
A close up their minimalist and high style Japanese selection

The paper selection is small in comparison to their entire inventory, but what they have in paper is impressive.

They have the widest selection of Japanese decorative paper I’ve ever seen in Vancouver. Murata is a store worth visiting.

Murata has been in business for over 23 years in three separate Vancouver locations. Their first location was on Powell, their second location on Cambie & West 8th. They have been located in East Broadway for nearly 7 years.

Murata, 15 East Broadway, Vancouver, info@murata.ca, 604-874-1777.

Their smaller decorative sheets (12x12)
Their smaller decorative sheets (12×12)

Hours are Monday to Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-4 (Sunday hours may vary, please call to check).

Let us know how your visit went. We’d love to hear from you.



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