Workshops in Aug & Sep 2017

August 2017

  • Weds, Aug 9-30. 6-9pm, Letterpress with Carli Boisjolie at Malaspina Printmakers, $299
  • Thus, Aug 10-31, 6-9pm, Intaglio with Lee McKay at Malaspina Printmakers, $299
  • Sat, Aug 12, 2-5pm, Print Matters-Open Studio at Anvil Centre, New Westminster, $25
  • Sat-Sun, Aug 12-13, 10-5pm, Monotypes with Heather Aston at Malaspina Printmakers, $299
  • Sun, Aug 20, 12-3pm, Historical Japanese Bookbinding, with Suzan Lee at WePress Community Makerspace, 202-268 Keefer Street, Vancouver, $55
  • Mon-Fri, Aug 28-Sep 1, 10-5pm, Calligraphy and Encaustic with Massimo Polello and Nancy Crawford at Langley Fine Arts School, $866.25

September 2017


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