Workshops in Feb-Mar 2020

February 2020

March 2020

  • Mons Mar 2-Apr 27, 1-3pm, Chinese Calligraphy with Guo Wei Li, Mount Pleasant Community Centre, $42.85
  • Tues Mar 3-24, 6-9pm, Letterpress with Carli Boisjolie, Malaspina Printmakers, $309
    Tues Mar 3-24, 7-9pm, Relief and Mono-Print Making with Haisla Collins, Britannia Community Centre, $100
  • Fri-Mon Mar 6-9, 9:30-4:30pm, Cut it Through! with Beatrice Coron, Schack Art Center (Everett, WA), US$650
  • Sats Mar 7-28, 9:30-3:30pm, Introductory Relief Printing with Shinsuke Minegishi, Emily Carr University, $424
  • Sats-Suns Mar 7-8, 14-15, 10-5pm, Lithography with Andreea Mateescu, Malaspina Printmakers, $411
  • Sun Mar 15, 11:30-3:30pm, Portfolio with Suzan Lee, Lee Valley Tools (Vancouver), $90
  • Sun Mar 22, 12:30-4:30pm, Mini Bookbinding with Suzan Lee, Britannia Community Centre, $20
  • Wed Mar 25, 9:30-4:30pm, Japanese Bookbinding with Jo Ann Kronquist, Lee Valley Tools (Coquitlam), $80
  • Sat Mar 28, 11-2pm, Coptic Bookbinding with Suzan Lee, False Creek Community Centre, $56.95

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