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BC Lower Mainland (BCLM) is a chapter of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG). Our chapter is entirely volunteer-run.

We serve our chapter members by growing a book arts community, sharing knowledge and facilitating connections between our members and the wider book arts world.

You can apply for membership online. Annual membership fees for Canadian addresses are $60 for individuals, $70 for families, $70 for institutions, and $25 for full-time students.

CBBAG is a registered charitable organization (Charitable Business Number 89179 5445 RR0001).


6 thoughts on “Join Us”

  1. What I am looking for (and need) is a class in book repair. I have a number of books with bindings that have seriously deteriorated, and/or coming off, and I would very much like to learn how to repair and rebind my books–those I have now in need of repair, those in the future that will need attention.
    Are there workshops, classes, and or individual tutorials available? I do not want to alter books (yet). In the future, I may want to learn “bookmaking/binding”–but for now, I really want/need to learn/acquire skills in how to repair my existing books.
    Any one out there? Any serious classes, workshops, one-on-one tutorials available? I live in Vancouver.
    This is a serious inquiry.
    all the best,
    Steven Epperson


    1. Hi Steven. There are workshops and classes that offer basic repair techniques but unfortunately, I’m unaware of any being offered in BC this year. Generally, workshops are ideal for minor or general repairs.

      Repairing and restoring damaged books is a specialty unto itself. Professional book conservators and restorers attend years of schooling and apprenticeships. For layman, a seriously deteriorated book will likely require a professional.

      On this blogsite, there is a section called “Marketplace”. There are professionals listed who offer fine binding expertise. May I suggest you contact them?

      Also, I’d be happy to contact our chapter members and find out who they recommend in the Vancouver area for major book repair. Please let me know if you’d like me to do this on your behalf.

      Would it be possible for you to send us photos of the damaged book and its pages?


  2. Does anyone in the CBBAG Mainland or Islands groups teach edge gilding? I met several BC binders at last year’s FOBA workshops in Forest Grove, Oregon, and was incredibly impressed. Thanks you, Susan Lunas, Many Moons Book Conservation


    1. Hi Susan, I’ll email our members and contact BC Islands on your behalf. Hopefully, we can connect you with an edge gilding expert.


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