Book Arts Fair 2018

This is a free public event in partnership with Vancouver Public Library. We look forward to seeing you!

Saturday, May 26, 2018, 10-3pm
Vancouver Public Library (central library) in Downtown
Alice Mackay Room
350 W Georgia St, Lower Level, Vancouver


Alcuin Society, an international society of bibliophiles headquartered in Vancouver since 1965. It is dedicated to the interests related to books. Email



cbbagCBBAG BC Lower Mainland chapter, is the organizer for this Book Arts Fair 2018. This is a local chapter of a national guild founded Oct 2011. Since then, it has served as a source and promoter of many book arts workshop. It continues to participate in public outreach events to introduce book arts to the local community. Email


Elisabeth Sommerville is a printermaker whose childhood in Alberta and her Métis heritage engendered a close affinity with nature; ­which is visible in her lithographs of landscapes and birds. Email


Gary Sim is a Vancouver artist, writer, and publisher who produces limited edition relief prints and etchings, handmade books, original drawings & paintings, greeting cards, artist stamps, and photography. His award-winner digital research project BC ARTISTS now lists over 17,600 British Columbia artists. Email

by Keith Valentine
Keith Valentine was a soil scientist who traveled widely within Canada and round the world and carried a sketchbook instead of a camera. In retirement, he learned to bind and restore books and began to make his own sketchbooks. Email


kimpretzerKim Pretzer is a journal maker and local creative who owns a magical online store and can sometimes be found at local events sharing her journals and other delightful inspirational hand crafted gifts. She began her journey creating journals as a form of healing therapy and a way to express herself. Her art and creativity has evolved and now includes creating hand painted totes, bags and jeans all made from recycled materials. Email

JackPageJack Page is a multidisciplinary artist, activist, and aspiring scholar who received a BFA in Critical and Cultural Practice from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2012.
In creating altered books, he deconstructs the book by taking its content and rearranging it to reveal a critique or observation, how it relates to current events, and how culture at large affects us personally. His overall aim is to help others tell their stories of marginalization, social justice, and climate change to illustrate how we can work to change dominant ideologies and reclaim our human rights.

judychoiJudy Ng Choi makes books out of drypoint etchings, relief prints, pop-ups and collage. Some books examine the passage of time while others illustrate familiar poems. Poems such as Yeat’s Song of the Wandering Aengus or The Second Coming are re-imagined as complete books. When the stanzas of familiar poems are split into chapters and interspersed with illustrations, people can experience them in a new way. Email

bookfair_mariko_ando.pngMariko Ando is a local printmaker who originally hails from Japan as an illustrator. Since moving to Vancouver in 1999, she has explored intaglio printmaking. Her attraction to the process of paper, ink and etched plate continues to grow. Email


Seawrack Press by Gina Page, a printmaker and poet. Her artist books have been exhibited worldwide. Her work combines many complementary aspects of book arts and poetry. Email


Washi Arts (Blaine, Washington) sole focus is Japanese papers, tools and supplies for creative artists and businesses. By having this focus we can offer our customers the widest range of papers for a variety of uses. The papers we offer are available in an incredibly wide range of fibers, colors, patterns, weights and sizes. Email


Last updated May 24, 2018


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